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Lake House Hypnotherapy Welcomes You

Meet Fay Atkins

BaHons, Dip.Hyp NLP Pract, HPD, MPHN

I trained as a hypnotherapist after I was treated for a crippling fear of flying. I was so impressed I trained with the Anglo European School of Hypnotherapy so that I too could help people over come their issues and reach their full potential. I am passionate about all things hypnotherapy and have been constantly delighted with the results I have achieved helping people with a wide range of issues. 

I live (and work) in the New Forest with my husband and three children. The tranquility and beauty of where we live is so wonderful for the application of hypnotherapy and meditation or just as somewhere to spend some time relaxing and clearing your mind. I am so excited about being able to share it with my clients.

Meet Fay

“Self-trust is the first secret of success.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why Hypnotherapy?


Advances in Hypnotherapy over the past few decades have lead to wonderful results. No matter what you require, Lake House Hypnotherapy provides services to help you unlock your potential. Below is an example of just some of the things hypnotherapy can help you with.

I am a strong believer in the importance of self hypnosis. Once you leave my therapy room I want you to be able to practice the skills I have taught you in order to continue your progress. It is an extremely beneficial skill to have.


It will not only benefit the treatment you have received from me but you will also be able to use it for relaxation at home. Continuing to practice your newly learned skills will become second nature and really help you going forward. I teach self hypnosis to all of my clients from the first session so that you can practice at home between sessions.

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Client Love

Thank you Fay for helping control my phobia. It has stopped me for many years being able to do and enjoy certain aspects of life. The sessions were organised whilst remaining relaxed and calming. Your success is measured by my achievement in flying to Italy and ascending several tall buildings for the first time in forty years. 

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