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Amazing Self Hypnosis

I aim to teach all my clients self hypnosis where possible. This is because it will increase the effectiveness of the therapy and is a useful skill to be able to use throughout your life. 

Using self hypnosis can help you to focus your mind on areas that you want to change. Practicing techniques that you have learnt in your sessions with me will help to strengthen and reinforce the work that we have done. You will also be able to revisit the therapy at any time you think you may need a boost. I can also teach you techniques that you can use at other times too. Anything from enhancing your mood to pain relief. 

Self hypnosis is used by many people from sports people to people wanting surgery without anaesthetic. For sports people being able to focus the mind on the task at hand is an essential tool. They are also able to practice future events in their minds which helps to improve performance on the day. Pushing through the pain barrier and getting that extra bit of speed can all be achieved by the use of self hypnosis which can be applied whilst on the move. 

Self hypnosis is very beneficial for those suffering with anxiety or depression. Having the ability to ’turn down’ your anxiety or lift your mood will help sufferers enormously. As would the ability to turn down pain for people that suffer from regular discomfort. There are also numerous examples of people using self hypnosis during operations or having a tooth removed. 

So as we see I am a huge fan of self hypnosis. If you don’t feel confident with giving it a try at first I will record sessions for you so that you can practice at home with a little bit of extra help. 

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